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The Coolest Running outfits


U.S. track star Maggie Vessey is putting the "run" in "runway.".

It is rare that a textile design gets mentioned in any press. So you can imagine my excitement with a print I worked very hard on for with over 16 hours of work put into this when my name was mentioned on Buzz Feed and Runners World.

Maggie came to me wanting to have a custom red white and blue Native print, first we did try and shop for one but could not find what she wanted. So I opened up Photoshop and begun to design with a thousand little Triangles and a few big ones.

We had the high quality 4 way Stretch Lycra Printed by Fabric on Demand.




Shauky Gulamani, founder of FHI Heat hair care products asked me if I had an all white collection that he could feature in a new promo campaign.

Of Course I only had a few but from this I made in a few days more for him to feature in his shoot.

After the all white shoot they also used other gowns of mine for a video promo shoot with Austin Martins and a beautiful vault.

Here is the Video for FHI Heat feature a few of gowns by Aneroc.




Viva Glam Magazine


Celebrity Style Editor Candace Kita, loves to wear Aneroc Couture on the Red Carpet.

She has also written about up for the online Portion of the magazine.

With works of a Fashion Editorial in the Winter Print edition of the magazine, so look out for it this winter.




Playboy November 2012 Special Election Issue


This was a great project I had to keep secret for nearly a year.

Now when most people hear the very recognizable name Playboy they do not assume it with High Fashion. The most common question I got from people was, as a Designer what are the bragging points about your designs being on the cover of Playboy? Good Question, but Why not. Playboy is a world wide recognized and distributed magazine.

I was approached by a stylist friend of mine who has often worked for Playboy. She asked me if I was willing to custom design an outfit for the cover of playboy. Hummm... scratching head..... she continues. Well here is the deal, they want to do an Uncle Same cover but they do not want it to look like a costume.

Oh and we are shooting this this week!! Oh Boy. I stayed up all night sketching, by morning playboy woke up with an e-mail from me with 16 different sketches and looks. I did not hear from them for a few days and the clock was ticking to get it done. Then Tuesday I got the reply with the designs they chose of mine. I had the fitting with the model on Wed and I had the rest of Wednesday and all day Thursday and to be finished on set Friday Morning at 8 am. No sleep for myself and my Awesome Intern Adrienne. We were still sewing the Jacket while we had it on the model on set and the photographer ready to shoot.

We made the Hat too, surprising them with the bunny on the front and they loved it. Also 3 swim suits were also made.

So yes I am proud of this.

Want to know more about Corena?

A little fact about Corena, Her favorite book is The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Also Loves to laugh out loud while reading Christopher Moors Books, A Dirty Job, Lamb, The Stupidest Angel. As a child Douglas Adams book Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy was her mantra, once taking a test and writing in every answer "42".

So long and thanks for all the fish....