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Pattern making

What is pattern making you ask?

 Pattern making is a simplistic term that describes a very complicated job function. Pattern making is complex engineering and not the creative art that most people think. Pattern makers are the technical backbone to the manufacturing process and have more control than any other single person to produce a quality outcome.

 For example; let's assume you want to build your dream home. You develop some basic sketches of the layout and features you'd like and take this information to an architect. The architect incorporates your wish list into blueprints and designs features of structural integrity, such as foundations, wiring, safety, strength, durability, as well as keeping your costs in line. Once the architect has completed the technical specifications, the building contractor would use the blueprints to build your home

Do I really Need a Pattern made

  More then likely YES if Quality and Fit is extremely Important to you.

 Even if this is a one off Design the engineering of the pattern is important for fit and quality of construction. Some items that are fabrication only may not require Patterns to be made

My Ability to Make Patterns

  I have been making patterns for 14 years, and I learned this through my education in Fashion Design where I received an AA in Fashion Design

 I know pattern making is a huge chunk in making the patterns, but it is time consuming and requires a lot of Math skills, oh boy to I mean a lot, good thing I am great at math.

 Once we have a final masterpiece you will receive a copy of the pattern for your own keeping.


Fashion Illustration:

1 POV Professional Fashion Illustration based off your own design: $100

1 POV Professional Fashion Illustration of original or collaboration: $175

Flat Sketch: Front and Back Flat sketch: $55 *Determines how many pattern pieces your design will require.

Patterns Making:

3 pattern pieces or less $100 (One size no fittings)

4 to 6 pattern pieces $160 (One size no fittings)

7 to 10 pattern pieces $200 (One size no fittings)

11 or more pattern pieces additional $15 per pattern piece

Grading Starts at $75.00 depending on # of pattern Pieces, Cutting markers, Nesting and a CD provided.

Mock ups and 1 fitting: $80 to $300 depending on difficulty

Patterns on Manila: $20 per size

2 to 6 weeks turn around on all patterns (depending on difficulty of Design and fit), if they need to be rushed within 7 days there will be a $200 charge. Rushed in 4 days $400 rush fee So I can higher the help needed to rush the work out with quality service.

*The average pattern maker charges $75 an hour. I am basing my rates on estimate of $55 an hour.*

Technical Packages: Detailed instructions for 1 design: Starting at $175 Depending on difficulty of construction details This is best suited when mass producing or outsourcing Garment construction. A "technical package" that serves as documentation on a garment. A tech pack will include the following information: a flat sketch, a detailed sketch (if needed), all fabric information, color or print information, all trim information, construction required, all "specs", intended size range and even target a target cost. The more detailed your information the better your first sample will be.

Sample Making: 1 Sample in 1 size in the actual fabric used to be used for manufacturing, Depending on the details and pattern pieces prices can range from $50 to $300+ for one item. Prices will be determined on the pattern. Fabrics must be provided by customer.

What pattern makers charge: Most industry pattern makers charge according to a set fee schedule and or hourly rates. As with grading, the industry standard pricing is fairly consistent across the US. I’ve found minimal pricing variations between companies. The costs of services are based on the type of work, the degree of difficulty, the time needed to generate the pattern, and materials costs.

Materials are usually not included in the pattern’s price because the paper usage can vary quite a bit. Pattern paper can be expensive; a roll of paper can weigh between 100 and 200 lbs. so expect to pay for your usage based on a per foot basis. Also expect to pay for the pattern hooks used to hang and store the pattern if you do not provide hooks.

Most charges are based on the type of product design. In other words, pants and shorts are priced in one category, dresses and blouses in another. The reason why shorts and pants, blouses and dresses are charged at the same rate is because the only difference is length. Garment length is usually inconsequential from a drafting perspective because it’s nothing to extend the draft longer and a pattern maker can rarely justify charging more for it. Length is important for fabric purchases, but not drafting since it’s about the same amount of work. Pricing will always vary. It depends on the degree of difficulty and design detail. Also, don’t assume that a “really simple” design is “really simple” to draft. Here are some common base prices used in the industry:

• Pants and shorts (basic) $80-$100 • Blouses and dresses (basic) $100-$250

• Jackets (unlined) $125-$175 • Vests (unlined) $100-$125

• Tailored blazers/sport coats (lined) $225-$325

• For lined garments (other than sport coats which are priced for linings already), you can expect to pay about $$75 or more. Also, don’t let the price of lining determine whether you decide to line a garment. Linings cost more in fabrics, but cost less than using facings labor-wise. Likewise, lined garments command a higher price due to increased quality. It seems more typical today that pattern makers charge by the hour and rates vary by location. A highly qualified (20 years of experience or more) pattern maker in Los Angeles or New York will cost about $75 an hour. In addition, there are charges for re-works which you do have to pay for most of the time.

————————————————THE PROCESS OF A CUSTOM ORDER —————————————————

Individual Costumes or Custom theatrical apparel:

1. To initiate a Custom Design, please contact me via e-mail with a detailed description of what you are looking for. Pictures of garments similar, if applicable, will help for inspiration or you can send a quick doodle along with inspiration snaps of what you are thinking, to start the conversation. Then a one-on-one consultation, either in person or over the phone.

2. A time-line will decided upon and then a quote will be developed and returned to you. (Custom orders vary. The length of time to complete an order depends on the particular project and it’s complexity, material availability, and current work load.)

3. If it is deemed necessary to proceed to a sketch for final approval and construction details, I charge a sketching fee. This can be worked in as part of the over-all quote, for an original design. Pricing is based on: A. What is it that you need created. B. What are the materials needed to create it. C. How quickly you need it completed, and lastly D. How complex is the project. The quote you receive will include construction costs, material costs, misc. fees (ie: RUSH order) and shipping. 3. A 50% deposit will be required to begin work. (SEE PAYMENT OPTIONS)

4. A fitting will be scheduled, or the requested measurements will be supplied to me. I can email a measurement sheet along with a measurement guide to show how to take each requested measurement.

5. A Mock-Up will be constructed, if necessary, and a second fitting done in that stage before building in final fabrics if deemed necessary.

6. Individual pieces are carefully constructed and a follow up fitting is scheduled, if needed. * If changes are requested on a project when it has already begun, additional fees will be charged, and added to the balance due. This will be visible on the invoice labeled ‘Change Order fees’.)

7. When completed and balance due is paid, your purchase will be delivered or shipped to you. * Customers are responsible for all shipping and handling charges when applicable *

————————————————————PAYMENT OPTIONS ————————————————————–

I can accept payment via Pay-Pal, All major Credit cards via Square and through the Venmo APP. Details will be provided when payment is required.

————————————————-FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS——————————————————

- Are you accepting custom work orders at this time? Yes. I love to do custom things and nobody wants to spend hundreds, to thousands of dollars on a garment, only to go to an event and see it on someone else. Your commissioned piece will be a ‘one-of-a-kind’ crowd pleaser!

- Do you charge for sketching? Yes, a deposit of $175 is required for me to begin sketching and swatching a design for approval.

- What is the average turnaround time for custom work? Turnaround time is dependent on current work load and the complexity of the project, and material availability.