Pattern making

What is pattern making you ask?

 Pattern making is a simplistic term that describes a very complicated job function. Pattern making is complex engineering and not the creative art that most people think. Pattern makers are the technical backbone to the manufacturing process and have more control than any other single person to produce a quality outcome.

 For example; let's assume you want to build your dream home. You develop some basic sketches of the layout and features you'd like and take this information to an architect. The architect incorporates your wish list into blueprints and designs features of structural integrity, such as foundations, wiring, safety, strength, durability, as well as keeping your costs in line. Once the architect has completed the technical specifications, the building contractor would use the blueprints to build your home

Do I really Need a Pattern made

  More then likely YES if Quality and Fit is extremely Important to you.

 Even if this is a one off Design the engineering of the pattern is important for fit and quality of construction. Some items that are fabrication only may not require Patterns to be made

My Ability to Make Patterns

  I have been making patterns for 14 years, and I learned this through my education in Fashion Design where I received an AA in Fashion Design

 I know pattern making is a huge chunk in making the patterns, but it is time consuming and requires a lot of Math skills, oh boy to I mean a lot, good thing I am great at math.

 Once we have a final masterpiece you will receive a copy of the pattern for your own keeping.