Only For You, Bespoke.


So you want something that is yours, all yours no one else can have it.

Or focus has been Bespoke, custom designed and tailord for the individual client. We work closely with you on the design you want, the colors and may even take you with us fabric shopping.

From Wedding Dresses to mens taliord suits, we can handle this. Elegant or Avant Garde, our creative team can be the perfect fit for you.

The Process takes time and depending on your desire and budget making a bespoke custom for you can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months. Bespoke is not off the rack or mass produced so the cost can be high. Everyone is differnt and can work with you and your desired needs.

Want to know more about Corena?

A little fact about Corena, The hat, jacket and swim suit for the Playboy Cover November 2012, special election cover, was made in 24 hours. Staying up all night and then taking her sewing machine to the set and sewing the jacket on the model. Project runway has nothing on real life last minute demands from clients. Yes the jacket was lined, and 3 swim suits were made.